Benji Vaughan – Eidolon LP Out now.

Benji Vaughan – Eidolon LP Out now.

Twisted are excited to announce that the brand new Benji Vaughan album ‘Eidolon’ is available now on Twisted Records.

After a few years away from the stage, Benji has resumed performing worldwide in addition to spending more time composing in the studio. The latest result is an album that carries his distinctive energetic signature while being simultaneously unpredictable in content and flow.

Eidolon is an 11-track album that showcases Vaughan’s versatility, creativity, and individual approach to music-making. With a balance of organic and electronic instruments synthesized in an array of speeds and styles, from aerated ambient to groovy kicks to contemplative melancholy moods, the entire flow is a meandering and varied voyage through both earthly and otherworldly atmospheric soundscapes.

Both earthy and spacey, expansive and introspective, Eidolon is a full-spectrum journey of sonic imagery and creative brilliance.

Celebrating more than a quarter century since Benji’s first appearance on Twisted (with the classic Prometheus Process track ‘Clarity from Deep Fog’), this album is a great opportunity to experience the sonic splendour of this master musician.

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