Cosmic Trigger

Cosmic Trigger is an exciting new addition to Twisted Records’ stable of innovative artists, the solo project of musical mastermind Jamie Grashion. The gifted producer has at a young age already amassed considerable experience both in the studio and on stage, drawing on a broad spectrum of styles to create truly groundbreaking scores.

Grashion spent his teens playing in bands ranging from grunge to psychedelic rock, all the while listening to an array of performers that included leading-edge projects Killing Joke and Younger Brother. His formal training in music technology led to a job at Youth’s Meridian Studios, where he worked for years honing his production skills as an engineer for top-tier artists. Grashion made such an impression on Simon Posford that he was soon asked to be his assistant, becoming an integral part of the Shpongle live band and then invited to produce his own remixes of legendary Shpongle compositions.

As Cosmic Trigger he has performed internationally, his two appearances at the massive Ozora Festival including a coveted appearance on the main stage, an honour extended to only the most esteemed downtempo artists. With truly first-rate production and an expansive imagination, he crafts music with pronounced percussive elements, richly textured synth sounds, and organic structures forged into creative storylines. Following a debut album on Liquid Sound Design in 2017, he has released in 2020 an inspired album of Shpongle Remixes. Still at an early stage of what promises to be a remarkable career, Cosmic Trigger is already moving beyond the fringes of defined genres to explore uncharted sonic realms.